Customized instructor-led writing training (in-house or virtual)

Participants increase writing competence and confidence as they practice techniques for producing clear, focused, professional emails, reports, and other on-the-job documents. Customized examples and exercises ensure the assimilation of key strategies and rules. Detailed manuals/desk references and confidential feedback reinforce skills long term.

Self-paced online writing training at

Updated in 2013 and presented at Adapt Knowledge, second-generation online courses incorporate the latest interactive and engaging eLearning technology for individual, just-in-time training. Hands-on exercises test your ability to implement writing strategies. Numerous real-life examples, summary checklists, and supplementary handouts reinforce learning.

Public instructor-led writing training (virtual or in person)

The Writing Center’s public courses are presented virtually and in person at Springhouse Education & Consulting. View course descriptions and schedules for Public Writing Courses for groups or individuals. Watch for these programs: Business Grammar, Effective Business Writing, Technical Writing, Writing Effective Email, and Writing Effective Performance Appraisals.