What is an employee’s definition of a quality Performance Appraisal?

Does your team’s Performance Appraisal process meet the following expectations?

  • A sense of direction and control:  Clearly stated objectives, appropriate training, and control over the delivery of expected results.
  • An understanding of and involvement in the process:  The opportunity to provide input into the Performance Agreement, Appraisal and Development Plan.
  • Answers to the questions:  How am I doing? How can I improve/be even more effective?
  • Honest, balanced feedback:  Appreciative as well as constructive feedback.
  • An individualized Performance Appraisal:  Demonstrated knowledge of and recognition for the employee’s individual contributions—differentiated comments.
  • Timely, regular feedback and interim appraisals:  For example, the mid-year Performance Appraisal is delivered on time.
  • Complete, detailed content reflecting contributions from the entire review period:  Evidence that the manager took time and care to write this Performance Appraisal.
  • Accurate content:  The Performance Appraisal reflects the employee’s results and statistics.
  • A fair and consistent appraisal:  There are NO SURPRISES. The Appraisal matches the manager’s ongoing feedback—what the manager has been saying throughout the review period. The performance rating matches the measures defined at the beginning of the review period.
  • Appropriately consistent across the team:  The same rating is given for comparable results across the team.
  • Respectful:  The Performance Appraisal is delivered in a respectful manner. Quality time is given to delivery and discussion. The Performance Appraisal is proofread and contains the employee’s specific results and statistics. The employee’s name is spelled correctly.


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