Core Writing Training Programs

The Writing Center’s programs are designed to increase the clarity, impact, and overall professionalism of participants’ emails, letters, reports, and other on-the-job documents.  In the context of documents participants write every day, they review and practice strategies for clear, direct wording; positive, reader-centered wording; logical organization; and effective editing.

In-house, virtual, and self-paced writing programs provide participants with the skills and confidence to tackle the wide variety of writing assignments their dynamic work environment demands. Core program topics include the following:

Business Grammar  Sharpen editing and proofreading skills as you review essential rules for punctuation, spelling, usage, grammar, and sentence structure.
Effective Business Writing  Explore strategies to increase the clarity and impact of on-the-job emails, memos, and short reports as well as the efficiency of your writing process.
Technical Writing  Explore strategies to ensure that emails, reports, and other technical documents are clear, complete, well organized, and reader-friendly as you increase the efficiency of your writing process.
Writing Effective Email  Increase the professionalism, clarity, and impact of your writing as you explore techniques for correcting the 10 most common mistakes in on-the-job emails.

Email or call The Writing Center at 610-436-4600 to discuss your training objectives and program logistics.