In-House Customized Instructor-Led Writing Training

The Writing Center’s in-house customized writing courses increase the clarity, impact, and overall professionalism of on-the-job emails, letters, and reports. Participants explore strategies for clear, direct wording; positive, reader-centered wording; logical organization; and effective editing.

Training & Delivery Approach

  • Preliminary discussions between a Writing Center instructor and your company representative(s) ensure the best fit between training objectives and writing course content.
  • Highly structured yet lively, interactive instruction encourages involved participation. Exercises modeled after real-life documents ensure assimilation of key strategies and rules and reinforce essential techniques.
  • Pre-and post-course evaluation of participants’ writing provides confidential individual feedback and ensures long-term reinforcement of skills.
  • Participants receive A Desk Guide to Business Writing (226 pages), A Desk Guide to Technical Writing (243 pages), or other customized manual for immediate class use and long-term reference. In addition to course content, manuals contain numerous document content guides, checklists, and style guides.

Review course descriptions for Core Writing Training Programs and Special Writing Training Topics.

Email or call The Writing Center at 610-436-4600 to discuss your training objectives and program logistics.