Self-paced On-line Writing Training at

eLearning has the power to increase information retention up to 60% over more traditional learning approaches (Research Institute of America). The Writing Center’s self-paced web-based writing courses are available at your convenience for individual, just-in-time training on your Mac, PC, or mobile device. Updated in 2016 and presented at, these comprehensive next-generation on-line courses incorporate the latest interactive and engaging eLearning technology.

Throughout the courses, hands-on exercises test your ability to implement writing strategies. Numerous real-life examples, summary checklists, and supplementary handouts reinforce learning. Once registered, you have access to complete the course modules at your own pace, and you can communicate with Writing Center instructors to ask questions via email.

Consider your professional development goals and which skills you would like to hone. Then, to view course descriptions and registration information, select one of the following course topics. Once you have viewed a course description (and registered, as desired), you can navigate to additional courses within Adapt Knowledge or use the back arrow to return to this page.

Business Grammar:  Sharpen editing and proofreading skills as you refresh your knowledge of essential rules for punctuation, spelling, usage, grammar, and sentence structure. Take this course if you would like to be able to identify and correct errors in the use of commas, precise word selection, subject-verb agreement, pronoun use, and other common mechanical errors in standard American English.
Effective Business Writing:  Increase your credibility as you explore strategies to increase the clarity and impact of on-the-job blogs, emails, memos, and short reports as well as the efficiency of your writing process. Take this course if you would like to eliminate wordiness, better communicate your intended meaning, organize ideas logically, win your reader’s buy-in, and ensure that your emails and other documents are read and produce intended results.
Technical Writing:  Improve your overall communication effectiveness and the efficiency of your writing process as you explore strategies to ensure that emails, reports, and other technical documents are clear, complete, well organized, and reader-friendly. Take this course if you would like to eliminate wordiness, select the appropriate level of detail, organize ideas logically, translate complex ideas, and make them quickly accessible by diverse audiences.
Writing Effective Email:  Increase the professionalism, clarity, and impact of your writing as you explore techniques for correcting the 10 most common mistakes in on-the-job emails. If  your primary communication is by email, take this course to eliminate wordiness, communicate your intended meaning, organize ideas logically, win your reader’s buy-in, and ensure that your emails are read and produce intended results.
Writing Performance Appraisals:  If you are a manager or team leader, take this course to explore strategies to enhance your performance planning, documentation, and review process as well as to write clear, objective, SMART Performance Agreements and sufficiently detailed Performance Appraisals. Learn how to involve employees and team members in the performance review process and to manage the performance of remote employees.