5 Tips for Managing a Remote Team’s Performance

For many organizations, the end of the year is also the end of the Performance Review period. The Writing Center’s November and December blogs feature tips adapted from our newly updated Writing Effective Performance Appraisals course.  Here are the first 5 of 10 tips for managing a remote team’s performance:

  1. Just as you would with a co-located team, set and communicate clear team goals as well as individual performance objectives including well-defined deliverables or other results, standards, measures, and timeframes. Track results toward those goals and objectives.
  2. Clearly define the roles and responsibilities of everyone on the team and expectations such as required work hours and mandatory meetings. Clearly define expectations for behaviors necessary to ensure individual and team success.
  3. Have employees submit weekly (or at other regular intervals) Progress or Status Reports of accomplishments, obstacles, and plans for the coming week.
  4. Meet weekly or at other regular intervals with each employee in person or virtually to review priorities, results, obstacles. Document those one-to-one sessions.
  5. Provide and document real-time feedback including recognition for accomplishments and constructive feedback for areas requiring improvement. Be consistent in your feedback and documentation.


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