5 More Tips for Managing a Remote Team’s Performance

Adapted from our newly updated Writing Effective Performance Appraisals course, here are five more tips for managing performance of a remote team. Enjoy!

  • For improvement areas, develop, implement, and document results toward a plan of action to improve performance. Include timeframes by which improved performance must be achieved. Describe impacts of behavior on the individual’s, the team’s, the organization’s, and the customer’s success as well as consequences of failing to meet those deadlines.
  • Meet regularly with the team in person or virtually to review priorities, highlight individual’s accomplishments, and discuss strategies to overcome obstacles to the team’s success.
  • Identify and implement tools and technology that would support communication with and tracking of results for your remote team.
  • Provide training and development opportunities as you would for a co-located team.
  • Network with other remote managers to gather additional suggestions for managing the performance of a remote team.


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